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그룹 GOT7(갓세븐 / JB, 마크, 잭슨, 진영, 영재, 뱀뱀, 유겸)이 19일 오전 인천 중구 운서동 인천국제공항을 통해 월드투어 일정을 마치고 로스엔젤레스에서 입국했다. [서울=RNX뉴스] 이성해 기자

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  1. Please behave respectfully towards any artists. Heck, behave respectfully towards anyone, really. Fans have no ground to complain when companies set new rules if this is how they continue to behave. Let's love and protect the boys – within limits of course 😊

  2. 미주투어 고생많았어~비행기타구 조심히오구~아가새는
    갓세븐 조심히 아무일없이 돌아올꺼라구 믿어~
    아가새는 갓세븐오빠들이 다치지않고 미주투어 잘끝내주어서 고마워~!다시와서음원차트,모든방송 1위차지 해서 아가새와 지금처럼한계단씩 손잡고 같이올라가자~!!

  3. Jackson looks great as always in vibrant colours. Nice to see Bambam being so protective of Jackson by poking one of the female fans on her shoulder to let her know that she was crossing into Jackson's personal space. Jackson must be tired. He doesn't usually hang his head down that often when he walks or cover his face as much. This time, his hair was even covering his shades. Because of this, I initially mistook Jackson for JB, thinking that JB was going for a different look after Jackson's comments to JB on his fashion sense on Got2day 2019…LOL!!! Not that i think there's anything poor about JB's current grunge style but i must admit that I do miss his sleek and clean look from his younger days, especially from Dream High 2!


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