Twitter Reports Small User Growth and Profits in Second Quarter- RNX TV


In the last three months, Twitter only grossed an operating income of $76 million, which is $18 million less than its first quarter.

Out of their total quarterly revenue of $841 million, Twitter earned a net profit of $37 million.

These results are in part due to the addition of only 5 million new daily active users to the platform.

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Their daily user figures are not calculated by the number of accounts, but rather by the number of daily users that are “monetizable” (mDAU).

While these numbers aren’t groundbreaking, they can be considered a result of the profitable “stasis” Twitter has reached.

Twitter’s mDAU figure was 120 million at the beginning of 2018 and now sits at 139 million.

They reported that $727 million of their revenue this quarter was earned by selling ads, with an additional $114 million made from data licensing.

Twitter expects to make $875 million in revenue next quarter, with an operating income of, at most, $80 million.

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