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그룹 ZEROBASEONE (김지웅, 장하오, 성한빈, 석매튜, 김태래, 리키, 김규빈, 박건욱, 한유진)이 6월 12일 오후 서울 강서구 방화동 김포공항 국내선을 통해 리얼리티 콘텐츠 촬영을 마치고 도착하고 있다 [서울=RNX뉴스] 김용덕 기자

Group ZEROBASE ONE (Kim Ji-woong, Janghao, Sung Han-bin, Seok Matthew, Kim Tae-rae, Ricky, Kim Kyu-bin, Park Gun-wook, and Han Yu-jin) arrives after filming reality content on the domestic flight of Gimpo Airport in Banghwa-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, on the afternoon of June 12

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그룹 ZEROBASEONE (김지웅, 장하오, 성한빈, 석매튜, 김태래, 리키, 김규빈, 박건욱, 한유진) [사진=RNX news]

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  1. Hao pulls Yujin by the arm, and when they got out there was a crowd of Kfans, who were chasing them, taking photos and wanting to touch Hao, until one of Wakeone got in the way, Gyuvin Hanbin Taerae and matew were already in the cars, Hao Yujin was missing and the 3 of the 🌂☂️🤷‍♀️ Gunwok Ricky and Jiwoong

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