Jon Stewart Slams Lawmakers For Failing to Attend 9/11 Responders Hearing- RNX TV

A House Judiciary Committee hearing to address the reauthorization of the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund was marked by the absence of many members of Congress.

Stewart, an avid 9/11 first responders advocate, was visibly upset at the “shameful” turnout for the June 11 hearing.

Jon Stewart, via ‘CNN’ The 9/11 fund is set to expire in 2020 as it is running out of compensation money to pay victims.

Legislation to fund the program permanently was introduced by New York Representative Carolyn Maloney in February 2019.

At the empty hearing, Stewart accused lawmakers of betraying first responders because of their lack of real legislative action.

Jon Stewart, via ‘CNN’ When asked later who he thought was at fault for the lack of funding, Stewart pointed to Congress. Jon Stewart, via ‘CNN’

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