211217 ‘BTS’ RM, A strong leader’s soft smile – RNX tv

그룹 ‘BTS’ RM이 12월 17일 오후 인천광역시 운서구 인천국제공항 제 2터미널을 통해 ‘2021 American Music Awards’ 및 ‘PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LA’ 일정을 마치고 입국하고 있다. [영종도(인천)=RNX뉴스] 김용덕 기자

The group “BTS” RM is entering Korea after completing schedules for the 2021 American Music Awards and “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE-LA” through Terminal 2 of Incheon International Airport in Unseo-gu, Incheon on the afternoon of December 17. [Yeong Jongdo (Incheon) = RNX News] Reporter Kim Yongduck.

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그룹 BTS (V, Jhope) [사진=RNX news]

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  1. Wow how strong and professional Namjoon was.With only one body guard and sorrounded by media and fans with the camera right on his face.He really try and test to walk as a normal person and he made it professionalism and Calm..Such a good leader and person..👍👍

  2. Where the heck is security!? This is aboslutely disgusting and against everything army should stand for. The fans are WAY TOO CLOSE for comfort I'm surprised he bothered to wave at all. They literally talk about how they hate cameras in their faces. Absolutely dissapointing.

  3. Восхищение,восхищение и ещё раз восхищение!Намджун самый лучший Лидер!!
    Люди,ну будте так же вежливы,не нужно лезть в лицо своими телефонами-это крайне не вежливо(

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